Newberg Youth Lacrosse (NYL) is recreational lacrosse for girls and boys, grades 3rd-8th, registration opens every December 1st.


The first thing people experience when they are considering lacrosse is sticker shock when they research equipment.  The initial investment can be a bit much if you walk into the box sporting goods store and buy the first thing you see, so let's start there. 

The box store employees selling equipment may have little to know knowledge about what is appropriate for your situation.  That doesn't mean you can't find good deals and sales at the big box stores but they are limited on what they sell and they are usually limited on knowledge.

Unless you live on the east cost it's really hard to find local stores for lacrosse, 
in Oregon we only have two places, Dick's & Bigfoot Lacrosse.  Bigfoot is a small retail store attached to an indoor training facility where individuals and teams can get high level training.  Bigfoot is small but the people are great, skilled and knowledgable.

My suggestion would be to first go to a box store, find what sizes fit 
then go to the online stores and then use the links on this page to find equipment on sale.  The other option would be to go to SidelineSwap, Craigs List, Offer up etc. and find slightly used or new items that someone is selling at a reasonable price. 

‚ÄčI have been buying great equipment for years on SidelineSwap and I have found some of the greatest deals for both new and used, however I have found many great sales at the listed websites so take some time, look online and see what you find.