Newberg Youth Lacrosse (NYL) is recreational lacrosse for girls and boys, grades 3rd-8th, registration opens every December 1st.



An Overview of Boy's Lacrosse Positions


A quick overview of the positions of lacrosse




In lacrosse, there are 4 main positions. Each position is vital to each game, and teams need to have multiple of each type of player. On the field, there will be a total of 10 players: 3 attack, 3 midfield,

3 defense, and 1 goalie


A is for Attack: each team gets 3 attackmen on the field at a time. They have to stay inside the restraining box


D is for Defense: there are 3 defensemen on the field at a time and typically stand between the attackmen and the goal. Defensemen also have to stay inside the restraining box before possession. 


M is for Midfield: there are 3 midfielders from each team on the field at a time. The midfielders can go anywhere on the field except in the crease


G is for Goalie: goalies spend most of their time inside the crease which is the circle around the letter G 




First, there are offensive players called attackmen. Attackmen have one main job which is to score. 

Ideally, the midfielders will run down the field with the ball pass it off to an attackman, and the attackman will try and score. 


The other responsibility of an attackman is to ride. A ride is when an opposing player gets the ball and the offense tries to stop the other team from bringing it to the other side of the field.


The attackman will then work with their midfielders to try and prevent the ball from reaching the other team’s attackmen.





Next, there are midfielders. They are allowed to go anywhere on the field other than the opposing team’s crease


Midfielders have one faceoff man who takes the faceoffs and 2 wingmen


Midfielders play both offense and defense. Their job is to take the ball from the other team’s offensive players and run the ball down the field to their attackmen.





There are also defense players. Defensemen are responsible for protecting their goalie and stopping the opposing players from getting into the shooting zone. 


Defensive players carry longer poles so they can land more effective checks on offensive players.





The goalie is one of the essential positions in lacrosse; this is because they are the last line of defense before the other team scores. 


There is only one goalie on the field per team, and they stand in front of the goal and try to block the ball from going into the goal. 


Goalies have to wear a more substantial more protective chest protector to prevent injury when taking 100mph shots to the chest. 


Goalies also use a different size stick to give them more area of mesh to catch the ball.