Newberg Youth Lacrosse (NYL) is recreational lacrosse for girls and boys, grades 3rd-8th, registration opens every December 1st.


Mesh is something that needs to be replaced almost every season.  Mesh breaks down due to rain, mud, friction and overuse.  Players often leave their mesh dirty after practice and games when they should rinse it clean and let it dry.  

The condition of the mesh can affect how the ball releases and holds in the pocket so when your player comes home and says the coach says I need new mesh it's for this reason.

Not all mesh comes with strings and shooters so remember these or your player will have no way to attach the mesh to their head.

All this mesh listed can be found through the links listed on our main page, and all this mesh performs well and is really a player's preference.


Middie/Attack Mesh



Face-off Mesh



Goalie Mesh